The house is proposed for a couple engaged in a long distance relationship who share a house just north of Reykjavik near Litlibotn. If architecture can be understood as a reflection or response to human behaviour, this project takes the client's interaction as generative.           Full Project Text
 The New York City Police Museum, located on the second floor of the Cunard Building near the foot of Broadway, houses a phenomenal collection of materials from the NYPD’s historical archive. Working with their curators, our mandate was to develop both the space and all related exhibition equipment for this 12000sf hall. The exhibition documents police uniforms, equipment as well as an unusual assortment of criminal paraphernalia (e.g. Al Capone’s ankle pistol).      Project Leader for Smith-Miller + Hawkinson Architects   PDF
 For this short-listed extension proposal to the existing Virginia Museum of Fine Arts building, our scheme took several complimentary steps in forming a new museum experience. A new façade replaced an earlier expansion to one side of the original museum to reconcile circulation and continue the enfilade of rooms into a new wing. This offered a means for both restoring the original building’s architectural heritage and permitted a broadcasting of events and collections through its understated transparency.   Project Leader for Smith-Miller + Hawkinson Architects
 Located at East 23rd Street and Park Avenue in NYC, three floors for a Brand Identity company were fully renovated and converted into a design studio, offices and client presentation areas. Developed as a grouping of glass-enclosed offices located at the centre of each floor, the design areas were optimized around the building’s perimeter. Capitalizing on the natural light in this way took the best advantage of the space both for designers preparing materials and the in-board presentation spaces with their strictly controlled display environments. A product library located on the middle level also served as a staff area and project team pin-up gallery.      Project Leader for Smith-Miller + Hawkinson Architects    PDF
 Designed as a fit-out for a condominium in the West Village, NYC, the client sought to preserve an open plan that would optimise the full extent of south exposure. To that effect, we shaped the northern elevation as a thickened wall that would house closets, bathrooms, utility spaces and storage. A flexible furniture-like figure occupies the center of the space and conceals large door-like partitions that can be used to separate the sleeping area from the larger living spaces and kitchen.   Designed in collaboration with Chris Duisberg.
 On 29th Street in Manhattan’s Flower District is a light fabrication building sandwiched between two much taller buildings. The top floor was stripped of all previous renovations leaving only the original pine floor.    The long, thin proportion of the space limited window exposure at the far ends requiring an unconventional solution. A kitchen area was developed with highly reflective, white surfaces adjacent to a semi-transparent enclosure for the bathroom at the southern end of the space, extending the reach of sunlight into the space. Two skylights were added and lined with wood to warm the reflected blue light. In this way, a space with largely borrowed light is reinvented.      Designed in collaboration with Chris Duisberg       PDF
 A loft located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan was transformed from a series of small tight utility spaces into a sequence of connected open rooms.     Designed in collaboration with Chris Duisberg    
 Shadow House is a proposed two-storey extension of the south- west side of an existing 1958 Case Study-type house in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The new building bends down a slope along the south side of the property connecting to the open, elevated living room space of the existing structure. An additional separate entrance accessed by a footpath along the east gives access to the new kitchen/living room at grade. From here, the building’s inflection incorporates a stairway with two bedrooms and a bathroom that works its way up to the existing house. The inflection serves to maintain the views of the original space. Modest in comparison to its much larger neighbours, this addition is content to be in the shadow of the original dwelling.   Designed in collaboration with Kristine Synnes
  This project, a design studio and workshop for a cutlery company, was developed in a double-height warehouse space north of Toronto. A two-storey structure was configured in this space with an enclosed production facility for mock-ups and trial pieces. Adapting a light-weight pre-fab structural mezzanine system, we were able to optimize an upper-level  layout for four design staff together with an area for reviewing and assembling prototypes. 
 Panajachel, Guatemala was the host to the 18th annual 10-day international Cycle Messenger World Championship, and will introduce for the first time an outdoor figure-8 velodrome: La Ocho. Working with graduates from the architecture faculty and Institute for Aerospace Studies at the University of Toronto, as well as the Toronto- based organizer Nadir Olivet of La Carrera Cycles, the physics, construction and planning of this event and facility were set into motion.     PDF
 From   Water I series (2013)  , near the site.