Second Sky

Lake Ontario (near Dunnville, ON)
Wallpaper* Magazine, 2010 Architects Directory

Building upon a natural phenomenon at the shoreline of Lake Erie, the roof is designed to mimic the profile of clouds as they form at the water’s edge. This results in a deep overhang along the south, beginning as a flat line which begins to ripple, forming skylights, as it progresses to the north side of the building inland.

Three walls configure the space into a large central living space, a kitchen and washroom, and two bedrooms. Two of these walls are designed as shelving: for firewood along the exterior face and bookshelves for the interior. Additionally, exterior curtains along the west offer privacy while regulating the effects of the evening sun.

Excerpted from the Wallpaper* magazine:

“Set on a breathtaking location at the edge of Lake Erie, Janssen’s country house proposal takes its cue from the area’s cloud formations. The name is inspired by the structure’s wavy roof, which works creatively with the horizon line, also prompting a light and shadow play inside. Working with nature in terms of materials as much as it does in terms of concept, the building uses a green roof water system and is made of a combination of reclaimed components sourced from condominium sales centres and recycled materials from a nearby quarry. The lightweight structure’s interior layout is as simple as it gets, with two partition walls, also doubling as storage space, defining the house’s main areas.”